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Exam Results

Although we operate a selective entry procedure here at St George’s, we are not highly selective and deliberately encourage a broad range of abilities at the school.  What we are looking for is potential and measure ourselves on the value that we add for our girls, enabling them to gain at least a grade higher in their GCSEs and A Levels than they would achieve without our specialist support, excellent teaching, small class sizes and extra clinics which we know really makes a difference to our pupils results.

St George’s is in the top 5% of the UK for value added – a statistic we are extremely proud of.  We test all our pupils when they enter the school which enables us to predict their GCSE grades and A Level in every subject.  Not every pupil who enters St George’s is a 10 A* at GCSE pupil. Most pupils are average and above.   However, what we pride ourselves on is getting the best results we can in every subject and nurturing our students so that they have choices going forward onto A level and when looking at their options for university.

To download our 2019 GCSE and A Level results, please click here

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