St George's

Matches and Fixtures

We generally play matches for all year groups on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Matches generally take place against other schools in our region for lacrosse, netball, swimming, rounders, athletics, tennis and polo.   Pre-season training takes place in September to ensure that the girls fitness levels are stretched after the long summer break.  We run A, B and C teams for U12 and U13 netball, A and B teams for U15, U16 and Senior Netball, A teams for lacrosse, year group teams for swimming and athletics, A and B teams for rounders from U12 to U15 for tennis the numbers of girls taking part is adjusted depending on the schools we are participating against.


In addition, every year group from First Year to Fourth Year will take part in at least one major lacrosse tournament each year, the U15s will take part in two and the First Teams three tournaments, which are held all over the South of England.  Our netballers take part in the South East Berkshire and Ascot Schools Tournaments, our polo players in the National Girls Arena Championships, our swimmers in the Ascot Schools Swimming Tournament and our athletes in both the Bracknell District Athletics Championship and County Championships.  

We also run inter-House sports competitions where the girls compete in netball, lacrosse, swimming, tennis, rounders, athletics and the Georgian Gallop (a fun run) as well as the very popular Mother and Daughter Netball and Tennis competitions, which involve many families competing for the coveted cup!

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