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Boarding options

Many girls at St George’s board – about half of the school - and many of these pupils will full board as there is a full programme of sport and activities which takes place at the weekend.

However, as we recognise that every family has their own individual requirements, we also offer a unique boarding structure known as tailored boarding, designed to give families flexibility, depending on their needs.    

In addition to the traditional full boarding and day places, St George’s offers girls the option of ‘Tailored Boarding’ - boarding four, five or six nights a week, choosing the nights which fit with commitments and activities in school and which can be adapted on a termly basis.

Tailored Boarding Booking Form

Most of our boarders are from the UK and many travel from Central London, looking for a school which offers a broad curriculum and plenty of space but which is easily accessible from the City.  St George’s operates a weekly bus service from Kensington and Chiswick, departing from school on a Friday evening and returning on a Sunday evening, thus allowing London boarders the opportunity to maximise their home time. 

Transport SERVICES 2019/20Local Transport Booking Form

London Transport Booking Form

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