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Below you can find a list of questions regarding all aspects of community at St George's Ascot.

How does St George’s support pupil welfare?

St George’s is well known for its excellence in pastoral care and this is because we encourage excellent communication between pupils, staff and parents.  Our staff are highly trained and we have clear internal processes in place.  Pastoral care is structured by year group and boarders have a network of House staff to help facilitate a happy home life.  For more information on our pastoral care please click here

How does St George’s promote a Christian ethos?

St George’s is a Church of England school although it welcomes girls from a variety of faiths and none.  All girls attend a weekly chapel service with music provided by the Chapel Choir and the school Chaplain has an open door policy for students.  Preparation for Anglican Confirmation is available and boarders who would like to visit other churches on a Sunday are encouraged to do so.  Please click here for a link to our chapel page.

Why is the St George’s food so famous?

The food at St George’s can only be described as outstanding and if you are ever invited for lunch don’t turn down the opportunity!  We have four chefs who home cook everything on site and many of the ingredients are locally sourced.  We were the winner of the Best School Food in the UK Tatler Award 2013 and the choice available is tremendous.

How do Old Georgians keep in touch?

We would be delighted if you would like to keep in touch with St George’s and have an active alumnae society which meets at special events every year. 

Snapdragon, the alumnae magazine, is produced on an annual basis and we post regular news stories and Facebook updates here on the school website. 

To sign up for alumnae news and events please click here

What job opportunities are there at St George’s?

We really want to appoint excellent, dedicated and interested staff here at St George’s.  Whenever we have a job vacancy we post it to our jobs page here on our website.   Please click here for our latest job opportunities and if you have any questions about employment at St George’s please email here

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