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Sixth Form

Below you can find a list of questions regarding all aspects of Sixth Form at St George's Ascot.

What leadership opportunities are available to pupils?

There are many opportunities for pupils to lead events.  Sixth Form pupils are encouraged to lead clubs and activities and have leadership opportunities in a variety of guises as part of the Head Girl’s Team or as prefects. 

For more information on leadership in the Sixth Form please click here

What is the A Level curriculum?

Most students study four AS level subjects in the first year of Sixth Form and three in the second year.  For a full list of subjects and a breakdown of what is studied at subject level, please click here 

In addition to the academic curriculum we offer a personal, moral, social and economic programme designed to help prepare our students for life after St George’s, set prep each evening and have regular parents’ evenings.  Academic extension work is provided in terms of offering an Extended Project Qualification and students are encouraged to take part in external academic competitions and exhibitions as extra extension work.  Reports are provided on a half termly basis.

What is the St George’s Sixth Form like?

St George’s Sixth Form, although of course linked to the main school, offers a pre-university experience where we are encouraging our pupils to become young adults, take responsibility, grow as people and prepare for life after school. 

We offer an extensive programme of enrichment talks and events, provide our pupils with study skills, prepare the girls for their university choices and provide talks and visits from external speakers. 

In addition, there is an extensive programme of social events, often linked with local boys’ schools, in house parties and trips to the theatre and cinema which take place on a termly basis.

How does St George’s perform in public examinations?

St George’s performs extremely well in public examinations.   For the results of last year’s GCSE examinations please click here.  For last year’s A Level results please click here

However, perhaps what is most impressive about St George’s is the value we add for our students.  Not every student here is an A* student, some of our pupils have other talents to offer.  However when you look at the fact that 65% of all our students are going to top Russell Group universities and nearly every student last year got their first choice university offer, it really shows want excellent teaching, small class sizes and an empowering ethos can attain.

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