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Parents' Evenings and Reports

At least one formal parents evening is held for each year group every year.  In addition, parents are encouraged to contact their daughter’s tutors at any time if they have any cause for concern. 

To view a list of times for parents see the table below:


MonthParents' Evening (By Year)
OctoberFirst Year Parents' Evening
NovemberSixth Form Parents' Evening
DecemberSecond Year Parents’ Evening
JanuaryThird Year Parents’ Evening
FebruaryFifth Year Parents’ Evening
FebruarySixth Form Parents’ Evening
MarchFourth Year Parents’ Evening

In addition, parents are given regular reports and grade cards on a half-termly basis. To see this schedule see the timetable below:


Time of PublicationDescription
October Half TermGrade cards for Years 1-5.  Full reports for Sixth Form.


Full Reports for Years 1,3,4,5 and Sixth Form.  Grade cards for Second years.

February Half Term

Grade cards for Years 1,3 and 4.  Full report for Second Years.  Fifth Years and Sixth Form students – results from GCSE  and A Level mock examinations
EasterGrade cards for Years 1-4.  Full reports for Fifth Years and Sixth Form students.
End of the Summer Term

Full report for Years 1-4.  Fifth Years and Sixth Form students on study leave at this point.

To see a sample copy of both a grade card and a sample report, see below:

Sample Grade Card

Sample Report Card

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