St George's

Able, Gifted and Talented

The top 5% of pupils per school are defined by the Government as ‘able, gifted and talented’.  Here at St George’s this includes able pupils who regularly attain marks in the top 5-10% of their cohort for tests and examinations, talented girls who show an exceptional ability in a specific field of art, music, drama or sport or those girls who possess an ability in a specific subject that is significantly greater than most of their peers.

There is no single method of identification, as every AGT student is individual.  However every department here at the school will gather specific identification criteria, academically assess and test pupils and operate an enrichment programme designed to identify those as AGT.

St George’s provides for AGT pupils through two main paths: enrichment and differentiation.  Enrichment refers to clubs, outings, trips and extra-curricular projects and special events designed to stretch and stimulate AGT pupils beyond the curriculum.   These do not need to be exclusively for AGT pupils and whenever possible are differentiated to allow wider participation.  In terms of differentiation, AGT pupils' understanding of standard curriculum topics is strengthened and then extended so that they apply their knowledge to more challenging problems.  

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