St George's

Careers and Progression

St George’s has an active careers programme that runs from the First Year to the Sixth Form.  In the first two years introductory talks are held in house looking at issues such as women in the workplace and the ‘glass ceiling’ with a question and answer forum.  In the third year every girl takes part in the Cambridge programme and aptitude tests, answering 100 questions and exercises, giving the girls ideas for future careers. 

Morrisby testing for every girl in the Fourth Year, which encompasses three hours of psychometric testing based on language, speed and behaviour, results in individual, detailed reports for each girl, identifying strengths which can be taken further in the Fifth Year, where parents are invited in to join their daughters for a one-to-one interview with an external Morrisby professional. 

Every girl in the Fifth Year is encouraged to find her own work experience in whichever field she is interested in and to join local companies for a week over the summer.  


Sixth Form has allowed me to gain independence, confidence and maturity that will allow me to succeed in any career I will take on. (Edina, Sports Captain)


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