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In the Spring Term of the Third Year, the girls are asked to start considering their choices for GCSE, before they start the course in the Fourth Year.  We set option blocks each year, depending on whom we have in a particular year group to enable as many girls as possible to be able to study all their favoured options. Option blocks will be confirmed in the Spring term following the girls initial choices.

GCSEs are a standard qualification that nearly all 15 and 16 year old pupils take in England and Wales and they are internationally recognised.  Everyone takes the core subjects of Maths, English Language and Literature, Triple or Double Science, a humanity (History, Geography or Religious Studies) and a modern foreign language (French or Spanish).  In addition girls usually take two further subjects of their choice chosen from:

  • Classical Civilisation
  • Drama
  • Fine Art
  • ICT
  • French
  • Geography
  • History
  • Latin
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Studies
  • Spanish
  • Textiles. 

There are also timetabled lessons in Sport, SMSC and critical thinking.

To download a copy of the GCSE options booklet, which breaks down each subject and explains the content of the two year course please see below:

gcse options booklet 2019-2020

Nearly all GCSEs have at least one examination at the end of the Fifth Year and most will have two or more.  Some subjects also include controlled assessments - pieces of coursework or practical assessments which are completed in controlled conditions during the school day. 

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