A cheer for the high-flying fun of 'Bring It On'!

Drama General

The 18-20 October saw the school’s annual whole school musical being performed in the Sue Cormack Hall. Following the great success of last year’s production of Les Miserables, this year saw a total contrast in the form of a contemporary musical ‘Bring It On’. The play focussed on the life of Campbell Davis, former head cheerleader at Truman High School as she struggles to fit in at a new school after suspicious circumstances see her re-districted to inner city, Jackson High.

Seventy girls were involved in the performance, both on-stage and as members of the backstage crew and this was the largest cast since Head of Drama, Mr Carroll’s, first St George’s musical in 2012. The action was vibrant and dynamic and rehearsals have reflected this taking the form of dance offs, rap sessions and cheerleading workshops by a visiting cheerleading coach. Dedication and commitment by all involved over the intense six week rehearsal period meant that the cast created a production that thrilled the audience.

Mr Carroll commented: “The pace of the show was remarkable with towering human pyramids, wild throws and lifts which were made to look easy by the hard-working and passionate cast.  This show was put together in six weeks from start to finish which is testament to the hard work of everyone involved.  I am incredibly proud of each and every one of the girls”.

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