A-Level Fine Art Pupils Ready For Hand-In

Whole School

You could hear a pin drop, or rather a paint brush, in Miss Antolik’s final lesson with the Upper Sixth Fine Art class on Thursday, as our pupils were focused on putting finishing touches to their portfolios prior to their A-Level submission deadline. 

Whilst their magnificent creations are to be kept under wraps until they have been moderated and graded, we were keen to see how our talented group of pupils had been preparing for the end of their course, what their experience of taking A-Level Fine Art at St George’s Ascot had been, and what some of their plans were for the future. 

Although the class of six were working hard and getting close to their final deadline, there was a sense of calm and confident energy in the class. 

Art Scholar Lucy, told how she has really thrived in Art throughout the school. Starting as a First Year joining from local Prep School Upton House, she had always enjoyed Art, but with the encouragement of her teachers she began to realise this was a talent she could really hone in on and she was awarded an Art Scholarship in Third Year. Since then she has relished in being enriched and encouraged to stretch her talent, experimenting with different genres, and developing an affinity with surrealism. She hopes to continue her studies at Arts University, Bournemouth where she will take Fine Art for three years, and believes she is in a good position to achieve her goals. Lucy was particularly animated when describing the community atmosphere formed by the School’s artists. She will miss St George’s as the school has been a huge part of her life since the First Year, but she is also looking forward to the independence University life will give, and is ready to take the step.

Upper Sixth Art Scholar, Lucy

Naomi also joined St George’s in the First Year as an international full boarding pupil. She said her English was not very strong when she joined the School, but throughout her education at SGA she gained fluency, and is now studying Fine Art, Physics and Psychology at A-Level. She is also bound for Bournemouth, but Bournemouth University, where she will study Visual Effects, hence the blend of A-Level choices she has been able to make at St George’s - the degree is part Computer Science / Coding based and part Art based. She will bring these areas of knowledge together and do really well. She shared her artwork with us and it encompassed a range of 3D complex structures, which combined skills of Architecture and Design Technology with Fine Art. Her strategy for readiness for moving on from St George’s was to take one day at a time. She is very focused on the exams she has yet to come, and is not quite ready to say farewell.

Upper Sixth pupil, Naomi

Finally, we met with Izzy, who is studying Fine Art and Photography. She joined St George’s in the Lower Sixth from Dean Close, Cheltenham. Her favourite genre of art is ceramics and her work is truly impressive. Izzy and her Mum recognised that when she was keen to develop her education in the field of art, St George’s was the place for her. She has boarded on a weekly basis and felt she has had the best of both worlds from having regular live-in opportunities with her school-friends, whilst also being able to return to the city at the weekend. Izzy enjoys working alongside the Art staff so much that even though she completed her studies on 13 May, she has opted to stay on and support Miss Antolik and her team until the end of year, working with our First and Second Year pupils. After the summer break she will return to her former Prep School, Thomas's Battersea to complete a work placement. Her ultimate goal is to secure a role in the visual creative industry, and she modestly shared that she is interviewing with Vogue in a couple of weeks time - we wish her well!. Izzy was particularly complimentary about the support she received from Mr Wright, our Deputy Head, Co-Curricular and Connections, whom she described as investing hours of his time with her, looking for the right placement opportunities for when she leaves St George’s and providing guidance and counsel when required. 

Upper Sixth Art Pupil, Izzy

All of the girls were keen to stay in touch, and we have every confidence they will continue to thrive as confident, capable and connected young women. 

It is evident to anyone visiting the Art, Photography and Textiles studios at St George’s that the subject matter taught throughout the school curriculum, and specialised in through Fine Art, Photography and Textiles at A-Level, are experiential, expertly taught courses which are enjoyed greatly by our pupils. Resource rich, and with the support of a dedicated staff team, the girls are really well placed to develop their artistic talents during their education here. One pupil told us -

This is my fifth or sixth school, and I’ve never known teachers like it.


It is not possible to meet with every Upper Sixth or Fifth Year pupil about to enter into their examinations period. However, we could not let the opportunity to meet with a small number in more depth pass, before study leave commences. 

We wish every pupil taking public examinations this summer the best of luck. We know how hard you have worked to prepare for this moment, and your teachers and support staff remain on hand should you need them, through the next few months.