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Scholarships and Bursaries


St George’s offers academic, art, music, sport, performing arts and all-rounder scholarships at First, Third and Sixth Year (Years 7, 9 and 12) entry and drama scholarships for Third Year and Lower Sixth (Year 9 and 12) entry.  These are open to both internal and external candidates.   Scholarships are worth 10% remissions off fees.  In addition we offer academic, English, Maths, sport, music, art, drama and performing arts Exhibitions, which are minor scholarships, worth 5% off fees.

All scholarships are awarded on merit and take place at the same time as the entrance examinations. 

Sixth Form scholarships take place in November of the preceding year of entry. 

First Year (Year 7) scholarships take place in the November preceding entry. Third Year (Year 9) scholarships take place in February of the year of entry. 

Scholarships for First Year entry last until the end of Year 11.  Scholars can re-apply for their scholarship to be extended into the Sixth Form.  Scholarships for both Third Year and Lower Sixth last until the end of Sixth Form.

The latest date for application is two weeks prior to the scholarship dates advertised in the booklet below:

Scholarship Information Booklet and Application Form


All applications for bursaries are considered on the basis of individual circumstances and are means-tested.

Due to the limited funds available to the School, not every eligible application for a bursary will be successful. Bursaries can be applied for in addition to a scholarship or on their own.  

Applicants should contact the Bursar, Mrs Julia Wood to discuss matters in confidence and to request an application form.  Mrs Wood will assist and guide you through the application process.  

To contact Mrs Wood, please click here

The deadline for submission of the completed Bursary application form and supporting paperwork is 15 October in the year prior to anticipated entry. 

Bursary Policy

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