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International Admissions

International students are very welcome at St George’s to come and visit at any time.   However for many families visiting is not possible and so often the first stage of the application process is to register. To request a copy of the prospectus click here.

Registration Form

Registration fees, which are non-refundable, can be paid by bank transfer. Please see more information about payment options below.

Payment Options

Flywire Payment Facility:

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At the same time as you register, please can you send a copy of your passport and your school report to or telephone 01344 629920.

Entrance Examinations for International Students

All international students, apart from those entering Sixth Form, take English as an Additional Language and Mathematics papers.  These can be taken at any time in the year preceding entry depending on availability of boarding places.  Students may also be asked to conduct a Skype interview.  In addition we ask for a copy of the candidate’s school report.  Sixth Form students take two subjects that they are intending to study for A level.  In addition they take an English as an Additional Language paper.

Papers can be taken at St George’s, at the office of one of the school’s educational agents, the British Council or at a candidate’s own school.  For more information on international admissions please contact or telephone 01344 629920.

Acceptance of a place

Following entrance examinations, parents are asked to accept their daughter’s place at St George’s within two weeks following an offer and to pay the deposit.  The deposit is refundable less any outstanding fees owing to the school by means of a credit to the final payment when your daughter leaves St George’s.  The deposit will be retained should the accepted place not be taken up.  To download an acceptance form please click here.  To download a copy of our terms and conditions, please click here.  The deposit can be paid by credit card online or bank transfer.

Deposits for overseas boarding pupils are £10,000.

Applying for a visa

St George’s sponsors students through their secondary education on a Tier 4 Child Visa and is a Highly Trusted Sponsor.  To apply for a visa, parents must have paid at least the first term’s fees in full.  Many parents prefer for ease to pay a year in advance.  Following payment we will fill out a draft confirmation of acceptance of studies (or CAS) for you to check.  Please ensure you check it carefully as it is a legal document.  Your daughter must also have at least six months validity on her passport.  Following checking we will issue the CAS statement and send it to you along with the offer letter for you to take to the visa centre.  If you have chosen to only pay one term’s fees in advance you will need to prove that you have the funds to pay a year’s worth of boarding fees for 28 days in your bank account.

The cost of a CAS is £21 which will be added to your first term’s bill.  If you have any queries regarding visas please contact Maxine Harding, of the Admissions Department by clicking here 

Visas are valid up until the end of the GCSE course and then are re-issued for the two year A Level programme in the Sixth Form.


It is a legal requirement for every pupil in the UK to have a guardian.  This can be a friend or relative or there are several guardianship agencies which act on parents behalf with a varying level of services.  The contract for guardianship is between the parent and the guardian.  The accredited organisation for guardianship is AEGIS and to go to their website for a list of guardianship agencies please click here.

To download a list of duties that we would normally expect Guardians to undertake please click here.

English as an Additional Language

St George’s has a very strong EAL department which is there to help students access the school curriculum.  All our EAL lessons are conducted on a one-to-one basis, although our EAL teachers work closely with academic subject teachers and form tutors to ensure that EAL students are receiving the specific language support they need.  Generally upon entrance we will advise you as to how many extra English lessons your daughter will require and these will be charged at an additional cost.  As your daughter progresses and becomes more and more proficient in command of English we will review the numbers of lessons on a termly basis with the aim of reducing them based on a pupils progress. 

We also help our students prepare for any external examinations such as IELTS, the English proficiency test accepted by British Universities, and provide the internationally recognised Cambridge exams should the girls wish to take this (PET, FCE and CAE) with the final exam taken at a certified test centre.  We aim that all our girls will achieve IELTS 7.5 by the time they leave St George’s ready for university entrance.

There is a specific EAL centre in the school, with three specialist members of staff.  It is equipped with workstations, digital video players, library and specific software and the girls are encouraged to come up at any time as well as during their specific lessons.  Prep is given every week to help reinforce the girls’ learning, to help the girls improve their creative writing and prepare them for examinations.

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