Health and Wellbeing

Inclusivity, Diversity and Connections

St George’s is a friendly and inclusive school. Our small class sizes and international diversity bring girls from different backgrounds and cultures together, broaden perspectives and enrich our community. We enjoy celebrating achievements of all sorts, how ever big or small: academic, sporting, personal, creative or something totally different. We embrace and encourage individuality and recognise that every one brings something to the table and is valued equally.

Friendships are made across all age groups and the girls have lots of opportunities to enjoy the company and companionship of those older and younger than themselves. There is a sense of 'family' and older girls have an important role to play for younger girls coming up through the school. There are plenty of whole school events for girls to enjoy together. As an inclusive school we operate as one united community, supporting each other in every aspect of school life and beyond.

Health Centre, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Looking after the well-being of pupils and staff is at the very heart of St George's ethos. Every girl is known personally. Our staff are highly trained and deeply committed to ensuring every girl's happiness and wellbeing. In 2019, we were awarded the Mental Health Kitemark for Boarding Schools and we continue to build on the good practice and principles that gained us the award.

Our fully-equipped on-site Health Centre is run by our Healthcare Professional and support staff. They care for the girls when they are sick, dispense medicines advised by the school doctor, and is supported by two school counsellors, who are deliberately not part of the regular school staff so that if a girl has a personal or emotional issue she can be sure of an independent ear and advice.

Several of the Sixth Form girls volunteer as Peer-Point Counsellors, providing a much valued counselling option to girls from across the school. The girls are trained by both the school counsellor and the Deputy Head Pastoral on topics such as boundaries, confidentiality, barriers to listening, listening skills and review and assessment. Mental-health resources are also available online for all girls.

Our School Chaplain is also available for pastoral support. Find out more about our School Chaplaincy.