At St George’s, our aim is to foster knowledge, critical thinking and problem solving skills such that our girls are inspired to enter the world of STEM with confidence.

The study of Physics helps us to make sense of the universe and its complexities. Discoveries in Physics continue to contribute to development within many scientific fields and it is a privilege to nurture our girls' grasp of the subject and their understanding of its crucial relevance and application in the world today.



Inside the classroom
Extension and Support
Beyond the classroom

Year 7 and 8 pupils are taught Physics as part of the wider Science Curriculum. Girls acquire a broad range of scientific skills through experimental work and cover fundamental topics such as Forces, Magnetism and Light.

All pupils study Biology, Chemistry and Physics at GCSE either in preparation for a Combined Science examination, gaining two GCSEs across the three disciplines, or with a view to taking GCSE examinations in the three disciplines separately.

In Year 9, girls start the GCSE course and will cover topics as diverse as Space Physics, Waves and Electricity.

A Level Physics is a popular subject where key theories from GCSE are built on and their complexities explored. It is a broad curriculum covering nine main areas that include Particles and Radiation, Mechanics and Materials, Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics. As part of the course all girls will take part in the Practical Endorsement where key practical skills will be developed and assessed.

Physics is taught in modern, purpose built laboratories which are extremely well resourced. Comprehensive textbooks are provided along with a full suite of online provision which includes kerboodle, Focus Science and GCSEPod. We take a multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning and throughout the year girls will have the opportunity to develop presentation skills and engage in experimental procedure and teamwork to foster resilience and strong critical thinking abilities. We make good use of animations and modelling and pupils will do plenty of independent research.

Our small class sizes mean our teaching is tailored to each pupil and we are proud of the excellent examination support we provide.

There are many opportunities for pupils to stretch academically throughout their time with us. Girls are encouraged to take part in competitions such as The British Physics Challenge, The Senior Physics Challenge and the Junior Physics Challenge. We host an annual Science Week where a number of exciting talks are given by eminent scientists and there are opportunities for girls to enter our Science fair competitions.

A-Level Physicists are always encouraged to study beyond the specification and to facilitate this we have subscriptions to Physics review.

As part of our excellent support programme, we provide weekly Physics clinics for all year groups with a subject specialist.

As part of our extensive co-curricular programme, girls can take part in a range of weekly clubs such as Science Club and Future Medics Club. We also will organise for Sixth Form pupils to attend Physics in Action lectures and Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils to attend GCSE Science in Action study days.