1923-2023 - Celebrating a Century of Philanthropy and the Future Education of Confident, Capable, and Connected Young Women

2023 was our centenary year, where we reflected on our rich history and embraced the opportunity to shape the future of our exceptional institution. We invite you to join us in creating a lasting impact on the lives of our pupils and the future of St George's, Ascot.

A Legacy of Philanthropy

Throughout the decades, St George's has been fortunate to receive incredible philanthropic support from individuals who have selflessly dedicated their time, expertise, and resources to our School. Today, the names of many buildings on our stunning site stand as tributes to these generous benefactors and serve as a reminder of their lasting legacies.

Introducing Our New Philanthropic Direction

In our centennial year we introduced our new philanthropic direction. Our approach aims to inspire as many people as possible to partner with St George's to help us achieve our long-term aims. We invite you to join us in supporting our three key pillars by making a donation today.

Transformational Scholarship and Bursaries

At St George's, we believe that every girl should have the opportunity to pursue an education regardless of her financial circumstances. We aim to continue creating transformative bursaries that will provide life-changing opportunities for deserving pupils and maintain the diverse identity of our School community. By investing in the girls' education, we will empower them to unlock their full potential and become future leaders who will shape our world for the better.

Number of girls financially supported in 2021-2022: 83 of 268 with the average bursary amount 50% - 75%.

Pupil Enrichment

Pupil Enrichment at St George's Ascot is integral to our ethos. Through diverse co-curricular activities including arts, music, sports, and volunteering, we foster exploration and aim to our pupils broaden horizons. 

Our initiatives extend beyond the school, promoting community engagement and philanthropy. Sports and Wellbeing are also prioritised, intertwining physical health with character-building. Pupil Enrichment empowers exceptional young women, providing opportunities to thrive and make a meaningful impact throughout their educational journey at St George's Ascot.

St George's Growth

To maintain our site as a vibrant and inspiring place for generations to come, we have established the St George's Growth fund. This category focuses on the ongoing improvements and maintenance required to preserve our facilities and provide an optimal learning environment. By contributing to this fund, you will become an integral part of the enduring legacy of St George's, ensuring that future pupils benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and resources that enable them to thrive.

Join us in Shaping our Future

We extend a warm invitation to parents, Alumnae, and friends of St George's to help us continue the legacy of philanthropic support that has shaped our institution. By investing in the future of our remarkable school, your generosity will not only make a difference to individual lives but will also contribute to the collective strength and impact of our community.

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Cricket Net Appeal 2024

We were delighted with the response to our Indoor Cricket Nets appeal and are extremely grateful to our parents. alumnae and Parent Association for their incredible generosity. By raising over £32,000 we more than doubled our initial target. 

This impressive achievement not only demonstrates the immense strength of our community but also ensures the realisation of this transformative project. All donations above and beyond the initial target will be placed into a designated cricket fund supporting the ongoing growth of cricket at St George's over the next three years. 

If you would still like to support cricket at St George's then please click on the link below.

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Should you require more information or have any questions, please reach out to the Philanthropy Office via email at

Thank you for supporting to our Centenary Philanthropy vision.

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