I am incredibly proud of the changes we have implemented at St George’s in recent years to promote a culture of sustainable development and environmental responsibility alongside developing a culture of conservation. I am proud to lead a school community where the pupils are committed to keeping this issue at the top of their agenda.

Head, Liz Hewer

As a school community we are committed to raising environmental awareness and increasing on-site sustainability. We are delighted to be a part of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) initiative to promote principles of sustainability within schools. As part of this commitment, we have chosen to put our beautiful, 30-acre green site to great environmental use with the development of our own Arboretum which includes 13 specimen trees and is growing. We are also working alongside the RBWM to conduct detailed environmental surveys of our school grounds including a topographical survey. In addition to these initiatives, bat and swallow boxes have been installed on the outside walls of our new swimming pool.

Our sustainability efforts continue into our kitchen where we have recently made considerable efforts to reduce the impact of our catering provision on the environment. Initiatives have included using sustainably sourced fish, reducing plastic packaging usage and re-using chemical bottles rather than discarding the bottles when empty. Girls are encouraged to bring their own water bottles, with plastic cups by water fountains a thing of the past, and this alone has had a huge impact on the reduction of plastic consumption across our school.

Many other initiatives are currently underway including efforts to move towards a zero-carbon footprint and the use of solar panels and low energy LED lighting on-site. Currently, all of our electricity is sourced through 100% renewable energy.

Download the Environmental Strategy here