Loveday House

Loveday House is where our Upper Sixth girls live. Every student has her own bedroom with privacy to study and relax.

It's a time when girls are often focussing on university and developing into young adults. Loveday provides a relaxing and homely environment in which the girls can enjoy their last year at St George’s in the knowledge that they have all the support and guidance they need to live independently at university as capable and confident young women.

The girls enjoy responsibility for organising much of their daily lives and embrace more independence. We encourage the girls to make their own appointments: academic, medical and dental. They will take on positions of responsibility and help to lead the school. It's also a time when the girls are preparing to study for external exams, which can be a stressful but our brilliant House staff are always there to encourage and support them in every way.

Loveday's common room is the lively social hub of the house. There's a large kitchen/ dining space in which to chat, cook and entertain. The girls can use the library, music practise rooms, art room and gym at any time throughout the week and weekend.

The girls are always welcome to join in the weekend boarders’ planned trips. Most weeks there are pizza evenings and film nights in Loveday as well as House events, themed activities such as international food celebrations, and events with local boys’ schools. However, many girls at this stage in their lives will organise their own outings including trips to London at weekends, shopping and visiting friends.

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