Our focus is to provide pupils with a comprehensive Economics education. An education that not only enables our girls to achieve strong academic results but also imparts a dynamic set of relevant skills that will prepare them well for life beyond St George’s.

Inside the classroom
Extension and Support
Beyond the classroom

At St George's we offer Economics at A Level, with both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics studied throughout the two year course.

In their study of Microeconomics, the girls investigate individual consumer, firm and market behaviour as well as analysing and understanding specific Government policies used to manage the microeconomic environment.

In their study of Macroeconomics, the girls analyse the operation of the whole economic system both in a UK and global context, focusing on issues such as the causes of inflation and unemployment and Government management of the economic system. There is also a sizeable unit focusing on the Economics of Development.

One of the many strengths of our department is the use of applied resources that put theory into a real world context. We constantly update teaching materials to reflect the very latest economic events, showing pupils how economic principles impact on their daily lives. We use of the latest Google Suite software in our lessons and introduce a variety of multimedia approaches that help to make lessons fun, challenging and immersive.

Academic stretch is fostered in a number of different ways. Academic subject clinics are arranged by appointment with the Head of Department and provide girls with individual and tailored support. Pupils are regularly required to present reports on books of their choice, encouraging them to look in more depth into areas of interest. Each year, girls are encouraged to enter a number of annual essay writing competitions including that of the Royal Economic Society and the London School of Economics. We also provide dynamic departmental support and a training programme for Oxbridge candidates.

Our Economics pupils attend the annual Economics conference event in London. In addition, girls that participate in the Department's Tycoon Enterprise programme attend a number of trade fairs during the course of the year. They are also invited to attend the Eton School series of Economics lectures and are encouraged to visit the London School of Economics Open Lecture series.