Heads of Year and Tutors

At George’s, our pastoral care is organised by Year Groups. Each Head of Year has overall responsibility for the academic progress and pastoral care of the girls in their Year Group.

They are supported by Year Group Tutors who develop a very close relationship with the girls in their care, understanding their interests and aspirations, identifying any areas in which they might struggle and supporting them accordingly.

Every girl in the school has her own tutor, who is their first point of contact for advice and support. Sixth Form girls are encouraged to choose their own tutor, with whom they enjoy a special bond and share common interests. The girls, and of course their parents, can contact their tutor at any time and are encouraged to discuss whatever they feel they need to: academic progress, help with co-curricular activities, any concerns or worries and any other areas that are relevant at the time, such as time management, homework or making positive relationships.

All the girls who board have a Housemistress who is in charge of their ‘home’ lives and works closely with the Heads of Year, tutors and Health Centre staff. Each Housemistress is supported by a team of residential boarding staff who help to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the girls at all times.