Academic Life

Curriculum: GCSE and A Level

At St George’s we provide a broad education that is modern, dynamic and exciting and we are committed to giving our pupils a diverse academic and cultural experience that stimulates an interest in and thirst for learning.

Whilst our core syllabus is designed to be well balanced and academically challenging, we take great care to tailor teaching and learning to meet individual needs. Our small class sizes are one of our greatest assets, allowing our teachers to stretch the very brightest, and provide plenty of support for those who need it, enabling every student to recognise their full potential. Expectations are, therefore, high for every one of our pupils whatever their capability, with each of our girls encouraged and, most importantly, supported to do their very best.

Our dedicated and hard working staff are all specialists in their academic fields and are passionate about sharing their subject expertise with pupils in an inspiring way. It is also a measure of the personal commitment of our staff that they willingly and generously give of their free time to provide an excellent system of additional support outside of the classroom.

Year 7

In Year 7 at St George’s, all girls study Art, Cookery, Drama, English, French, Geography, History, ICT & Computing, Latin, Mathematics, Music, Religious Studies, Science, Study Skills and Textiles. In addition, they have designated weekly curriculum time for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education and PE.

Year 8

In Year 8 the curriculum is extended to include Spanish and Food and Nutrition.

Year 9

In Year 9, girls may choose a one-year course in Classical Civilisation rather than Latin and they will begin the GCSE Science curriculum.

Additional Language Tuition

Girls are welcome to study further languages as a paid extra. Languages available include Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese and Russian.


While most girls take nine or ten GCSE subjects, we will advise girls individually on what we feel would be the appropriate number for them. In doing so, we will consider individual strengths and weaknesses and any regular commitments to co-curricular activities, such as Sport, Music and Drama. We believe it is better to aim for quality rather than quantity, as good grades are essential for university applications and future career opportunities.

All girls take English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science (as two or three GCSEs), a Modern Foreign Language and a Humanity (chosen from Geography, History and Religious Studies). In addition, girls usually choose two further subjects. Courses offered include: a second Humanity, a second Modern Foreign Language, Art, Drama, Physical Education, Latin, Classical Civilisation, Music and Textiles. Girls also follow a course in Study Skills, PE and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education.

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Most girls will study three A Level subjects in the Sixth Form and complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). A few girls will take a fourth subject. In most cases, this will be Further Mathematics or a second language for a girl who is bilingual. In addition, girls follow an enrichment programme which includes advice on life skills and university applications, leadership, talks, careers, and community service. They also continue with compulsory PE.

A Level subjects offered are: Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Drama, Economics, English Literature, Further Mathematics, Geography, History, History of Art, Mathematics, Modern Languages (French, Spanish and other languages by arrangement), Music, Photography, Physical Education, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Textiles.

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