Knatchbull House

Knatchbull House is home to girls going into their GCSE year or first year of A Levels.

All our Fifth Year girls share large triple bedrooms with desks. The Sixth Form girls have single or double bedrooms. The atmosphere is very pleasant and girls have use of two common rooms with kitchens and plenty of comfortable spaces to socialise. The Lower Sixth girls also enjoy the use of our dedicated Sixth Form café - 'The View'.

Naturally the atmosphere in Knatchbull is quite different to Markham, there is a more adult feel as girls take on more privileges, which include going out to Ascot during the day, cooking meals at weekends and travelling in groups of two or more to enjoy local shopping expeditions. The girls have the freedom to plan their own weekends and although there's always plenty of group activities on offer such as sport, film nights, games evenings and external outings, quite often they prefer to organise events together such as going to the cinema, shopping or theatre trips.

Fifth Year girls complete their prep at school, whilst the Lower Sixth girls can do prep and further studies in the library or study in their bedrooms. All the girls are able to study after prep times until bedtime if they wish. There is a healthy academic focus in the house and always plenty of encouragement and support.

During their time at Knatchbull House, girls are encouraged to take on responsibilities including day-to-day tasks such as doing their own laundry, tidying up after themselves and getting up and organised in the morning. It's a happy environment in which girls build confidence and independence to help prepare themselves for later life.

Our Housemistress has an open door policy and encourages the girls to come and chat to her, or any of our boarding team, about anything, whenever they want to.

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