Here in the Maths Department, we are passionate about helping pupils to build their mathematical confidence, understanding and ability.

Our holistic approach not only gives the girls the best chance of success in their examinations, but also helps to develop their critical thinking, problem-solving and reasoning skills and prepares them for life beyond St George’s.

Extension and Support
Beyond the Classroom

Maths is a curriculum requirement from Year 7 through to GCSE.

Our GCSE course covers algebra, numbers, data representation and analysis and various shape and space topics.

Our A Level Maths course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired at GCSE and encourages pupils to reason, interpret and communicate mathematically both within pure mathematics and in a variety of real life contexts. By the end of the course, pupils understand mathematics and mathematical processes in a way that promotes confidence and enjoyment and provides a strong foundation for progress to further study or employment. We live in a highly complex, technical world and any post-16 Mathematics qualification is highly valued by universities and employers as it indicates a strong level of analytical and problem solving skills.

We also offer AS Level or A Level Further Mathematics at St George’s to provide the strongest foundation for our pupils who wish to study either Mathematics or a highly mathematical course (such as Engineering, Finance, Chemistry or Physics) at university.

Further Mathematics both extends and deepens knowledge and understanding beyond the standard A Level Mathematics. As well as learning new areas of pure mathematics, pupils study further applications of mathematics in mechanics, statistics and decision mathematics.

Our pupils enjoy the benefits of small class sizes. We are able to give individual support to each of our girls to stretch them academically and build their confidence to take on new challenges.

We undergo a process of continual review, setting regular tests to encourage pupils to reflect on topics already covered and secure their theoretical understanding. We run dedicated clinics after time-tabled lessons to help the girls to deal with any gaps in their understanding. All our textbooks are online and there are many worksheets available for the girls to embed their learning. We also use a number of online providers in the classroom with MyMaths predominantly used for regular prep, method review and revision. We also encourage all our pupils to take part in Mathematics Challenges throughout the year.

Girls are given the opportunity to go on a variety of trips and visits to see, first hand, the vital role Mathematics plays in everyday life. These include maths competitions with local prep schools and regular trips to Bletchley Park and Jaguar Land Rover.