Our aim within the Politics Department is develop each of our pupils' critical thinking and contextual understanding such that they grasp how the political process effects the world in which they are living.

Lessons will often refer to what has been happening during the past week in Politics, giving pupils the chance to question and understand how the actions and decision of politicians, in both the UK and further afield, drive and direct world events.

Inside the Classroom
Extension and Support
Beyond the Classroom

Pupils learn about Government and Politics in the UK in the first year of A Level and in the second year focus more on US Politics as well as understanding the ideologies underpinning the actions of the different parties on both sides of the Atlantic.

Politics certainly offers an opportunity for debate and plenty of classroom time is devoted to preparing and delivering different points of view. Whether the debate concerns a lack of democracy in the UK or to what extent the President of the USA has the power to do what they want, significant class time is spent thinking about and understanding contemporary events such that the girls can construct an informed argument and present their point of view clearly. Analysing news articles, in either video or copy form, is also a key part of the way Politics is taught, ensuring that all pupils make the connections between what they are studying and what is being played out in Westminster and Washington.

The study of Politics helps our pupils to think quickly and incisively as they respond to the many different news outlets that will be reporting on the myriad of events occurring around the world at any one time. Pupils are encouraged to engage with media and to bring relevant and recent events into their studies to promote ongoing discussion about the implications of such events on the Political landscape.

There is also a Stretch and Challenge page area for Politics pupils on our School portal, Dragonfly, where they can listen to online lectures delivered by Politics professors as well as enter relevant essay competitions.

During their A Level, Politics pupils are given the opportunity to visit both the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court. Every year a conference is held for Politics pupils all over the country at which they are privileged to listen to at least six high profile politicians and then pose specific and challenging questions to them. Additionally, Politics pupils are able to be part of a trip to Washington and Williamsburg in which they visit the Capitol building as well as engage with politics lectures at William and Mary College.

The Historical Association has monthly lectures and pupils are able to attend these if they prove relevant.