Day and boarding fees at St George’s, Ascot from 1 September 2024 are as follows:

Termly Fees

Day fees per term£9,520
Boarding fees per term£15,145

Tailored Boarding Termly Fees

7 nights£15,145
6 nights£14,830
5 nights£14,495
4 nights£14,060
Registration fee£200


UK and EU Boarding£2,000
Deferred Entry Place£4,000
Overseas boarding£10,000

School fees are payable in advance by the first day of each term. A full term’s notice is required before the removal of a pupil from the school otherwise a full term’s fees will be payable in lieu of notice.

Arrangements can also be made for payments of fees by monthly Direct Debit.

Optional Expenses

Other optional additional expenses will be at the discretion of the parents. These include items such as music lessons, specific learning tuition, English as an additional language, trips to concerts or the theatre, outdoor expeditions and societies and clubs and private daily/weekly transport.