Our History

The rich history of St George’s masterfully illustrates how education for women developed and flourished throughout the 20th century. Whilst it was founded as a prestigious boys’ prep school in 1877, the turn of the century brought a new owner and a new identity, as a finishing school for girls, infamous for their red cloaks and boater hats.

Throughout the 20th century, St George’s grew in stature and reputation, developing a strong academic provision and a remarkably broad co curricular program with an extensive suite of facilities to enable the girls’ education.

The school’s motto, “Vincent Qui Se Vincunt” speaks of those who conquer as they do battle to conquer themselves. Of course, the history of St George’s can truly be discovered in the individual stories of the pupils and the members of staff who have travelled its hallways. It is their experiences that add depth and colour to the school’s identity and make St George’s the school that it is today.