Markham House

Markham House is home for our First to Fourth Year boarders and is part of the original house.

The rooms are bright, spacious and airy with a very homely feel. Girls are welcome to bring their own things from home, which makes every room feel personal and comfortable.

First and Second Year girls share one floor with between two and eight girls sharing a room. It's a lively and happy environment with plenty of friends around to enjoy games and activities with or just to relax and catch-up. The girls have a shared common room, kitchen and bathrooms.

Third and Fourth Year girls have their own common rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Third Year girls share their room with three or four other girls. Fourth Year girls, who are in their first year of GCSEs, share with one other girl and have their own desk, giving them space to study in their room.

Each term we like the girls to move rooms so that they can enjoy getting to know new friends, although they are welcome to request particular room mates.

There is a lovely sense of community in Markham House. The girls enjoy a relaxed and friendly environment, they enjoy a wide range of after school and in-house activities, go on weekend adventures and all catch up together at the weekly House meeting.

Our focus is always to ensure that every girl is happy and supported, that they can feel relaxed as part of one big family. It's an inclusive and caring environment where every girls feels valued and connected her housemates, home and the wider community.

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