Academic Stretch

For girls towards the top of their cohort academically, we differentiate every lesson, introducing activities and initiatives that stimulate, challenge and provoke intellectual curiosity.

Our small class sizes facilitate this approach and facilitate heightened individual academic development.

The top 5% of pupils in a school are defined by the Government as ‘able, gifted and talented’.
Here at St George’s this includes:

  • Able pupils who regularly attain marks in the top 5-10% of their cohort for tests and examinations.
  • Those girls who possess an ability in a specific subject that is significantly greater than most of their peers.
  • Talented girls who show an exceptional ability in a specific field of art, music, drama or sport.

There is no one single method of identification, as every Able, Gifted or Talented (AGT) pupil is individual. However, every department gathers all the relevant criteria, academically assesses and tests pupils and operates an enrichment programme designed to identify AGT girls.

St George’s develops each AGT pupil according to their unique requirements through the SGA Stretch programme. This consists of two main paths: enrichment and differentiation. Differentiation is delivered within the classroom. Enrichment refers to clubs, outings, trips, co-curricular projects and special events designed to stretch and stimulate AGT pupils beyond the curriculum. The highlight of the year is the SGA Stretch Week in February, when all departments put on events to stretch and challenge pupils. Events such as these are open to all pupils who enjoy the challenge of academic stretch.

Academic stretch