Food Technology and Cookery

Our aim within the Food Technology and Cookery Department is for our pupils to develop a core level of competency in the kitchen and, in the process, fuel their creativity and enthusiasm for a key life skill. We want the girls to develop a confidence in the kitchen that will stay with them well beyond the last recipe enjoyed at school.

Inside the classroom
Beyond the classroom

In the First and Second Years, the girls have the privilege of being taught by a Leiths School of Food and Wine trained teacher. By following the Leiths curriculum, the girls develop a good knowledge of key cookery techniques and an understanding of some of the corresponding theory.

During the First and Second Years, the girls focus on a number of key skills such as learning to handle a knife properly and how to produce a simple family meal to be able to contribute at home. The girls also explore healthy eating, learn to read food labels and use the Change for Life application to understand what goes into the food we eat. Great fun is had learning to taste with discernment and appreciate variety within foods such as the differences between cheddar cheeses and chocolates! From this point, the girls learn to taste test with discernment and tailor what they prepare. We also consider food presentation, meal planning, seasonal produce, restaurant reviews and enjoy contrasting and comparing shop bought and home made foods.

Our Second Years complete the Leiths 8-week, ‘Let’s Cook’ programme, learning the fundamental skills of professional cookery and gaining real confidence in the kitchen whilst cooking up a storm.

In the Sixth Form, the girls have the opportunity to complete the Leiths 12-week ‘Toolbox’ course which helps them to prepare for independent living beyond school. The sessions cover knife skills, food safety, time planning and healthy eating as well as the preparation of a number of extremely delicious dishes.

This course also fulfils the requirements for the ‘New Skill’ section of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award.

The girls have the pleasure of working in our newly renovated Food Technology and Cookery Room. There is a teacher's work station where pupils are able to watch demonstrations, supported by televisions and overhead cameras to ensure the girls can observe technique in detail. St George's has consciously chosen to use eco-friendly induction hobs within the design of each station both to minimise energy usage and also allow for the use of renewable energy in keeping with the School's environmental strategy.

All cookery lessons are hands on practical sessions. The girls really enjoy the contrast with their other academic subjects and, of course, being able to eat what you have prepared as a group is always a plus! The creative process helps the girls to work together as a team and develop excellent time management skills.

Other curriculum subjects, such as French and Spanish, are incorporated within our work and the girls greatly enjoy exploring the foods and traditions of different countries. We also host a fabulous First Year rainbow cake competition encouraging the girls to enjoy getting creative in the kitchen outside of the set curriculum.

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