Life at SGA: An Interview with Miss Christie Gillatt

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I ended up at my dream job at St George's combining my two passions - teaching and lacrosse!

Miss Christie Gillatt

We’re delighted to introduce SGA Teacher of PE with lacrosse specialism, Miss Christie Gillatt! Find out more about Miss Gillatt and her role at SGA - read her full interview below.

Miss Gillatt

Tell us a little bit about your role within the St George's community.

I am a Teacher of PE and also specialise in lacrosse.

Can you share something of what you did before you came to St George's or the journey to this point?

I fell in love with teaching through being a swimming teacher. I loved my job but I wanted more of a challenge so I decided to go to university to train to become a PE teacher. Through university was also where my love of lacrosse was found. Five years later I ended up at my dream job at St George's combining my two passions - teaching and lacrosse!

What does the future hold for your area of school life? What would you love to see happen to develop the department within which you work?

I would love to bring in new and exciting sports to St George's. The diversity of skills and passions the girls have in so many different sports is incredible! I hope to be able to progress and nurture these in the future.

What are your first impressions of St George's? What has most impressed you most?

The first time I arrived on site I got a flat tyre on my car. I was stuck in the pouring rain trying to figure out how to change it (typical!). There were lots of girls in PE kit walking down the hill and every girl either asked if I was okay or smiled and said hello. I remember thinking: "Wow. The girls at this school are so kind and polite!". I instantly felt welcomed and at ease - even stuck in the rain! Within my first few weeks this feeling has continued, coming from both the pupils and the staff. It is very rare to find a school with such a lovely warm feeling of community.

What hobby or past time do you really enjoy when you're not teaching? Or how do you like to spend your time outside of school life?

Outside of school I play lacrosse; I enjoy being part of a team, and training in the evenings is my way of de-stressing after a day's work. I enjoy pretty much any sport and I absolutely love trying new sports, and keeping fit in general. My goals for 2021 include learning to snowboard, learning to high dive and to complete a Tough Mudder. I love a challenge and the feeling of completing something I found hard at first. Any ideas for new sporting challenges for me in 2021 are always welcome (no matter how wild).

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

I could go on and on about advice but I would say one of the best things I have learnt is that you are always the one who gets to decide who you want to be and nobody can take that from you. You can make mistakes and fail and mess up - that's OK! You learn so much about yourself. I have learnt so many lessons that shaped me into who I am today which is someone I am proud of. I really do believe that everything happens for a reason and as long as you are always a kind person then you will be just fine no matter what life throws at you.