Announcing the passing of Mrs Judy Goodland, former Headmistress (1983-88)


We are very sad to share with you the news that former Headmistress (1983-88), Mrs Judy Goodland, died at home on Saturday, 17 February 2024. 

Judy’s son shared with the School that she looked back on her time as Headmistress of St George's with great pride and fondness - although she often said that she was relieved to have retired before the era of the Internet and the challenges of social media! 

After becoming Headmistress in 1983, Judy focussed on improving the facilities within the school; the new Chapel, Library, Art Room and bedrooms were completed and Knatchbull House came into use, thanks to the proceeds of the sale of Queen’s Hill and its land. In December 1988, the end of her time at St George’s, she was presented with a gold badge engraved with the St George's cross and fire-breathing dragon from all the girls, having been specially commissioned from the godfather of the Head Girl at the time. Many years later, when Rachel Owens became Head, Mrs Goodland felt that it would be appropriate for the Headmistress of the day to be able to wear it and presented it to the school. The badge was then engraved on the back so that future generations will know its history and Mrs Hewer now wears it on special School occasions. 

In retirement, Mrs Goodland was an active and popular member of her local community in the Lake District. She was a governor of the nearby primary school, a volunteer in numerous local organisations and a stalwart of the bridge club. She loved the local fells and had walked all of them many times,  and was active to the end. Only last month she could be seen appearing on stage in the annual village pantomime! 

She will be much missed by her three children, four grandchildren and many friends near and far. 

Her family have shared with her that her funeral will be at St Mary's Church, Crosthwaite, LA8 8HR at 11am, on Thursday 7 March 2024.

Former Heads- L-R Rachel Owens, Caroline Jordan, Joanna Grant-Peterkin, Anthea Griggs, Judith Goodland 2016