St George’s announces partnership with the Royal National Children's SpringBoard Foundation to provide transformational bursaries


We have partnered with the Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation (RNCSF), a leading social mobility charity, to provide transformational bursaries to girls who would most benefit from, but would not usually be able to access, a St George’s education.

2023 marked St George’s Centenary, which saw the school reinforce its dedication to philanthropy with a fundraising campaign that included support for transformational bursaries as one of its key pillars. The school is now, more than ever, committed to transforming pupil lives through excellence in education, and enrichment through the provision of an exciting and fulfilling co-curricular programme. This new partnership with RNCSF will open up these opportunities to a wider audience, who will benefit from the difference fully-funded bursaries can make to young lives.

Liz Hewer, Head, comments “We believe everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from a life-changing education, regardless of their financial circumstances. St George’s has worked to create transformative bursaries that will provide opportunities for deserving pupils and maintain the diverse identity of our school community. By investing in girls' education, we empower them to unlock their full potential and become changemakers and future leaders who will shape our world for the better”.

Ali Henderson, CEO of RNCSF says: “St George’s focuses on the all round development of each pupil, encouraging each girl to achieve their full potential, no matter what that may be. Together, we will work to ensure that these opportunities are opened up to young people who most need them: those who have faced challenging circumstances – children and teenagers in or on the edge of care, or growing up in households and communities where opportunities to flourish are limited”.

Liz Hewer continues: “100 years ago, Miss Anne Loveday re-invented St George’s as an academically focused school, and for the first time girls from a variety of backgrounds were prepared for further education, establishing the firm foundations that are still present today. Following on from our centenary year, we continue to celebrate the importance of relationships, philanthropy, volunteering and kindness; an awareness of others and our impact on those around us, as well as knowing ourselves”.